For more than 20 years, I founded and headed Peter Arnold Associates with offices in Boston and Dallas, serving clients in the mid-Atlantic states, New England, New York, Texas, and California.

The clients served include high technology accounts, as well as advertising agencies, lawyers and other professional services firms, teaching hospitals, colleges and universities.  To see specific outcomes visit our Results Page.

Now that I live and work in Metropolitan Washington DC, I have a solo PR and marketing practice and I also team with other marketing and creative professionals.

In addition, I'm a writer, ghost writer and editor.  My credits include ten non-fiction books published by major New York houses, hundreds of consumer-facing stories, and a large number of business and trade articles for media outlets that include Harvard Business Review.

These deliverables usually carry my byline, and I also ghost write articles and op-eds for top executives.


Metropolitan Washington, DC

e: parnold@parnold.com | c: 781-248-3600

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